Luring Bream and Bass

Starting Our - Craig Ainsworth

There is a line from the Television series "A River Somewhere", put together by Rob Sitch and Tom Gliesner where they say to the camera "my brother says people are attracted to accessory sports such as cycling because of all the different gear you can buy - fly fishing has a touch ot that", as he piles up all his fly fishing gear ready for the next trip.


Lure fishing for Bream and Bass also fits along this line of thinking as well. When I remember to my first experience of d=fishing for Bass on Lurese I used 12lb monofilament on a budget spin outfit. I had in one small tackle box a couple of hard boby lures and and three spinner baits along with some Mr. Twister style soft plastics. The gun colours, the only colours I had were variations of pink and red. Mainly because there were also my gun Flathead lures and they were my only lures.

Recently I had a mate of mine knock on the door with his son wanting to get the basics on what he had to do to get into this l"ure fishing thing because the young fella is mad on it".

In going through the vast array of gear I had, it soon became apparent that they couldn't see the forest for the trees. I quickly had to go back and find the gear that got me started in lure fishing and lay that out.

The basic list came back to a 6 foot 6 inch, 2-4kg rod and a thread line reel worth around the $120 mark. The line for bram was around 2kg or 4lb category and for bass around the 8lb mark. I did suggest that they start with mono straight through to get going because when considering braid, joining knots become a must and muddying the water at this stage was only to be a put off. 

After this the conversation turned to lures - what are the best. For a bream trip to get started a handful of hard bodies out of the Tackle shop bargin bin, some jig heads with paddle or wiggly tails plastics will see you in the game. For Bass add a couple of spinner baits and up the line class to 8lb. After this, in getting really serious come things like, bait cast tackle, fly gear, Kayaks, boats, electric motors, clothing, tackle trays and bags, leader material and so on. what did I say about accessory sports?

The line with fishing gear is to buy the best you can afford. ring very true. The Hastings Bream and Bass Club members are happy to pass on their knowledge. While our club sponsors, Port Macquarie Tackleworld and when buying a boat Mid Coast Marine are experts on recommending gear for anglers of all experience levels. When starting out with lure fishing the best advise is based on the KIS method. Keep it simple. Come to an outing and gain some experience from angles who have been down the same road and get into your local tackle store..





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