2012 Gone and 2013 coming

With the last fishing outings held and the Xmas party done and dusted, we start looking into the new year to start it all again. The club celebrated the end of year with a christmas party in usal fashion. Lots of fun and antics from members and a special appearance from Santa for the kids.

The club is seeing growth from current members bring their kids to new members signing up and joining in the fishing scene we love so much.


In weeks to come we see the start of the Gama series which starts on the banks of the beautiful Hastings river at West Port Park on the 16th Dec. The year will role onto ABT, more Gama rounds, Bets, bream and Bass before the finals in late 2013. With our club being so active in the past years it will be great to see some good results again.

Good luck to all that compete at tournament level this coming year.

Congrates to Neil for the Angler of the year Award. Listing of results are below.

1. Neil 9.684 kg
2. Mick 8.206kg
3. Dave 7.852kg
4. Wayne 7.342 kg
5. Lyndal 6.54 kg
6. Brett 6.435 kg
7. Ross 5.56kg
8. Scott 5.44kg
9. Sue 5.264kg
10. Ian C. 5.136kg
11. Garry 5.09kg
12. Craig 5.074kg
13. Steve 4.919kg
14. Andrew 3.84kg
15. Sean 3.714kg
16. Mal 3.674kg
17. Don 1.822kg
18. Nik 1.51kg
19. Brendan 1.22kg

Below is Wayne winning the Number 1 Bream angler for 2012

If you would like any further information click on the contact link and email us your details. One of our club members will be in contact to help you out.

The club would like to wish all our members and supporters a very merry XMAS and a new year. We would also like to thank all the sponsors for their continued support.

Merry Xmas

Hastings Bream and Bass.

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